Second Chance

***This writing was originally posted on August 1, 2015 in

I was challenged to talk about “second chance”. My first thought was, what do I know about second chance? Yes, I’ve been given a second chance before, perhaps third, fourth, and even more. Did I know back then that I was given a second chance? Or the third and fourth? Probably not.

My next thought was, why are we humans become so hung up on the idea of second chance, as if we should never fail on that second chance. As if that second chance is the last one, ever. How dare us let it go? How dare I? But seriously, what is the big deal of second chance?

When life gives you lemon, they say we should make a lemon juice….or maybe a lemon pie….or how about a lemon-strawberry-banana-mango shake….or better yet, how ’bout use it to rub a dirty oily spot in your kitchen to get the oil out or rub it on your skin to make it smoother. The options are more than we can imagine! So, why should I limit myself to only one chance afterwards? If on my first chance of getting a lemon I did not know how to make of it, then on my second chance I think I will make a lemon cake with strawberry filling. But excuse me, don’t mind throwing me some more lemons, please. I’d like to try on that lemon-strawberry-banana-mango shake. A glass of cold fruit shake is awesome in a hot region where I live now.

In summary, second chance is overrated. Leave some rooms for mistakes in life. We are allowed to make mistakes. It comes with breathing.

Having said that, there is a follow up to this that I think is more important than the idea of second chance, which is “learning from experience.”  I do realize the importance of trying not to make the same mistake again and again, so when “chance” comes knocking at the door (whether that be a second, third, fourth, etc.) we know how to greet it right.