365 Gratitude Notes

The following essay was written and published in January 2016 in my other blog. An update on this project: unfortunately, it stopped in around the month of June 2016. It couldn’t last until the end of 2016. Too many obstacles, one of them is to give a considerate amount of time to upkeep it. I’m not good in a long-time project. I lost track of time and also I lost the interest to continue midway through. I would like to start it again next year, but I’m considering to have a partner to do it with me, to help reminding me. It’s not an easy project to do it alone. So, that’s the lesson I learned.


I discovered this project about a year ago.  It is not a new project.  I guess many people have tried it before and I wanted to try it last year, but it was already a bit too late to try it.  So here I am trying it, but not in the form of writing my gratitude notes in blog.  I prefer the more private way, that is to put them in a jar.  It is meant for me only to read them.  I may write some of those notes if the idea is something that can be shared in this blog.

I can tell you this for sure, I am writing on one of them, which is this one. This is my first gratitude note out of  365 gratitude notes for the year of 2016.  (Well, actually, a minor correction.  There are 366 days in 2016 because we will have a leap year in 2016!)

I am thankful for making the commitment to start blogging again. I have tried blogging before and decided to stop that blog for several reasons.  Throughout the time I have been absent from blogging, I found myself missing the activity tremendously.  There is something in the process of typing, how I’m letting my fingers dancing freely on the keyboard that gives such a feeling of pleasure.  I am not denying it anymore. I am starting it again now.  A fresh start.

I am thankful for whoever that came up with the idea of making this 365 gratitude notes.  So this is the first thing that I am thankful for in this year of 2016. that I finally have the courage to do this again.  I have started this blog actually a year ago and I have even prepared a launching date before in August 2015 but had to cancel it because it wasn’t ready yet.  I have also changed its name and layout several times.  I’m not even sure exactly what I am going to write in this blog, but I believe my mind and my heart will find its path eventually.  Through this blog, I intend to express myself, my ideas, my opinion, my perception, my weakness, my strength, my creativity.  I welcome comments, challenge, opinion, and ideas too from readers.  I intend to make it a form of discussion.  I may not put an entry on a daily basis because I’m sure I won’t have the time for it, but I plan to write now whenever I feel like an idea is coming.