How about a Blind Date with a Book?

I wrote before how books can be like destiny. So why not then entertain a new idea, a blind date with a book. Care to try? Here’s how to do it.


It sounds impossible, but it’s been done. I found the photo below on the internet, more specifically from Those who love to write and need some ideas on what to write, I recommend this website.

Apparently this idea has been tossed around in many book clubs, discussed by bloggers all over the world, and so on. I am sure in some places, people might have repeated this action.At first, I thought it was a good idea too. I’m trying to remember if I definitely ever pick up a book solely based on its cover. I probably do almost all the time. I realize however, that book cover can sometimes be misleading. When browsing book shelves in bookstores, I must admit that colorful book covers or books with catchy title will gain my interest first. It never fails. My hands just lose control, apparently my eyes take over the control of my body, and voila! The book is in my hands. That is how usually things happen with me in book stores. Then, I will go straight to the back side (this never fails too) to read whatever information it can offer me about the content. Afterwards, come the argument in my head. It usually goes like this, “Do I really need this? Is it good? It looks interesting”, which then is countered by another voice, “No, you still have unfinished ones at home. Finish those first. Put it back.”  “But, I’m almost done with those. In case I can’t get to any bookstore next month, I should just prepare one. Just in case.”  “Yeah, but do you have the money? Look at how much that costs.”  And there goes the reality check. The counter-argument usually wins by this time, because books in English are unfortunately so expensive in Indonesia, especially new books.  If I do finally decide to buy the book, then the information about the book must have done a good job to be able to capture my interest.

In other words, book cover and some words about the book are usually the two things that help me decide which books to get. I am having a hard time with the idea of having a blind date with a book. What if I become disappointed with the book? What if it’s not to my liking? After all, I do believe in books as destiny, remember? Perhaps if they want to sell books covered like this, then they should at least lower the price or give us an option to exchange the book if it doesn’t match to what we want (I think I just gave you my opinion about the real blind date too *grin*).

But I will entertain some of the questions on the prompt above anyway. So what would be the 4 or 5 descriptions written on the wrapping paper that would help me picking a book? I actually like the question because it allows me to look back at the types of books that I have read. There is a pattern, and here it is in order of its importance to me:

1. Memoir
2. Survival
3. Detective (or adventure)
4. Self-improvement
5. History

The last book that I read has the following descriptions:
1. Happiness
2. Spirituality
3. Life balance
4. Destiny
5. Dreams

I know what you think. I obviously ventured away from my usual pattern in that last book.

As a whole, I’m not a big fan of this idea of covering books, or even movies, music, game from their identity. I think those of us who love books, movies, music, games, choose them as an escape or an adventure. It would be a nightmare escape or adventure if we get trapped inside a journey that we can’t enjoy. But then again, there are people who will say that the true adventure is when trying something completely new or unknown.

Different people, different taste. In my case, just give me my choice of escape, please.