When You Need a Holiday After a Holiday

Is it really a need?  Or is it a want?  Huh, that is the question.

Well, you can argue about it until you pass out, but if this what welcomes you back on your desk in the office, does it even matter?

The pile is screaming “Welcome back!” so silently that it deafens me. (Read that whole sentence with a sarcastic tone)

At times like this, I actually despise vacation or holiday. Why you might ask? Because it serves only as a teaser! It toys with your mind. It lets you think that life is fantastic, beautiful, relaxing, and so on, only to be thrown a bucket full of ice when it is over. And during that moment when you move from that vacation mode slowly to the vacation-is-over mode, is probably one of the most agonizing moments a person should ever go through. It can be brutal because in a miserable way your mind is trying to hold on to those wonderful feelings you had during the vacation mode, but the reality of everyday nags will just too quickly grab you by the feet and toss you upside down to remind you that IT IS OVER! The V is over! Done!

I know. I sound too harsh and melodramatic. And not to mention, a hypocrite, because the next time holiday is here, you bet I will look forward to it.

After all, I’m only a human.

So…Happy Back-to-Work Week, peeps! Smile, it’s not that bad. And if you need a company for your next vacation, just call. 🙂

The essay above was originally published in January 2016 in another blog of mine.
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