When You Want to Reach Out but Don’t Know How

A random thought for this late evening…

At times I wish that we, humans, have a telepathic ability to read other people’s mood and emotion. This thought usually comes whenever I just experienced a negative experience that resulted in me having a bad mood. Yup, you guess it right. I just did. At a time like this, how I wish there is someone next to me telling me, “Yes, I know how you feel. I can understand how you feel,” without me having to tell that person exactly how I feel. Maybe the title of this post is not exactly right. To be honest, perhaps it should have been written When I Want Someone to Reach Out to Me but I Don’t Know How to Ask. Since I can’t ask and I don’t know how to ask, here’s my way of de-stressing myself…you’re reading it.

My experience got me thinking deeper. What if human beings are given the ability to read other people’s mood or emotion? What will happen to this world? Will we have more understanding people? And then what happens if we have more understanding people? Does that mean we will definitely have a peaceful world? I would certainly hope so, but maybe it’s my idealistic side again hoping too much.

Can the ability to read people’s emotion be used in a wrong way? I guess it can. Marketing people would be in heaven if they have the ability to read people’s mood. They can then predict people’s decision making whether to buy something or not. People can be misled based on their mood. I’m sure there are more examples of how this unique ability can be considered wrong to have, even though the field of psychology has been researching for many years about how to PREDICT people’s decision making based on their mood, thinking and behavior — close enough to the ability of reading people’s exact mood and emotion that I mentioned above.

But can you imagine what good can this ability bring to this world if it can be used in a positive way? We can reach out to people who need help easily, bring comfort to those in need, make us more connected to each other. We can think lots of reasons why this ability would be important too. But we’re forgetting something, though.

Of course, the good reasons mentioned above could only happen with the assumption that everybody, all of us humans, also have the ability to feel empathy, to have compassion, and to share love and kindness. There, I believe that is the key. It would be useless to be able to read people’s mood and emotion if we also do not have compassion, love, kindness, care, empathy. I guess in the end, it all comes down to the core values of humanity. Whether we have the ability of reading people’s mood/emotion or some kind of other special, unique, superhero abilities, none of those would matter if we also don’t have the values of humanity.

…End of random thoughts. Good night and good day.


The random thought above was originally published in the month of January 2016.

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