New Year’s Resolution

It’s the middle of January and I think it’s a perfect time to discuss about new year resolution, don’t you think? Have I started it? Checked! Have I struggled with it? Checked! Have I frustrated myself with it? Double-checked!

I usually don’t have a new year’s resolution. Not the type who follows it, actually. And the times when I did have one, they usually failed. But I think that is typical for a new year’s resolution. This time, I thought of starting one. It may sound simple and short, but it ain’t simple whatsoever, I can tell you that. I’m continuously reminded how difficult the process of doing it, maintaining it, and repeating it.

If I may reflect on the question why it has been difficult, the answer lies on the fact that my resolution involves other people. Even though it actually sounds like something that can be done alone, it doesn’t translate in real life situation as something that can be done alone. To successfully do it, I constantly will need other people. How so you may ask? I need other people by relating to them, making connection with them, reflecting on their response to me, hearing their feedback about me, and so on. And in doing so, I learn what I need to learn in order to accomplish my resolution.

I understand that this is a PROCESS. It needs time, and I may need more than a year to do this. This year just marks the beginning of me making a change in my life. Let’s hope that I can continuously do so. So far, the year 2017 has been going on for about three weeks, and I have been experiencing many ups and downs in relation to the new year resolution. I will continue to stick to it, no matter how painful it can be sometimes. God only knows how much I need to do this. Enough is enough with the past. I need to be better.

My new year’s resolution is short and straight-forward. My new year’s resolution is simple, but not so simple.

It is: To Love My Self Better.




One thought on “New Year’s Resolution

  1. Thanks for sharing Erlyn.

    My area of specialty is helping people understand the process of habit changing, and helping the create lasting healthy habits. so if you ever want any ideas, I’d be happy to share! May or may not help, but I’ll do me best!

    PS – On a related note, I’m on the hunt for a little bit of feedback for my new show The HERO Podcast! It’s largely about creating healthy habits, and making those new year’s resolutions become a reality. You can check it out (and maybe even leave a teeny-tiny review if you like) here:


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