Hello to you walking in the garden. What a nice day to take a walk, isn’t it? Please give my regards to the grass under your feet, to the birds singing above you, to the bench you’re sitting on, and to that crispy air of January. Better keep your sweater on, sir. It’s still quite chilly out there. By the way, love that bike!

Hello to you with coffee in your hand. My oh my, the pile is high, my friend. My sympathy to you. Looks like you need that cup of bliss. Have you been having enough rest? Don’t forget to go home. Your loved ones miss you. And don’t forget to smile to them, bro. Oh, and nice coffee. Can smell it from out here. Arabica isn’t it?

Hello to you up there. It’s been so rare to see you lately. Something must be in the way for us to see you. Is it lonely there? What a burden it must be to carry on your shoulders. Oh forgive me, I mean what an honor it must be. All I know is that I miss you. Life has been pretty dark down here lately. Shall we dance? Yes, of course under you. So light us please. Stay wild!

Hello to you, growling one. Look at you, how cute! Awww, and you know it too, don’t you? Catch! Oh, that is smart. Yeah? Again? Okay. Catch! That a boy! Now give me a five!

Hello to you, tall ones. Nice shade you’re giving me. Feel that fresh air, thanks to you. I can feel all my senses are alive! Can’t help to feel at awe standing small underneath you. This is indeed a very humbling experience. So sorry we haven’t been giving you enough appreciation that you deserve. Instead, we’ve been taking advantage of you. How wrong have we been!

And hello.
Hello to you whom I really want to say hello actually. It’s been a while since I last heard your voice. What have you been up to? What I would do to hear your stories again, to be in your company. Has the world drowned you again? Life may beat you upside down again and you may fall, but prevail, my dear. Stay with me and I’ll stay with you. In there. Yes, inside you. You got it. I’ll be — where you need me.



**This writing has been inspired by a writing prompt about hello. The instruction was simple. Write a story or a poem that starts with “hello.” Got it!**


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