Day 6: The Space to Write


Writing can be an absorbing task. When I write, I need books around me. Sometimes accompanied by coffee and food too. I rely on notes sometimes that I have collected. Or sometimes, idea just came out and I wrote without needing any notes.

When I write, I can go into my own world. Therefore, a place that fits me to write will be my house, or in my room to be specific. Once in a while, I can do it in a coffee shop, but if the coffee shop is too crowded then I have a hard time concentrating. People can be obnoxiously loud in coffee shop, so I have to choose the right one. And I can be picky. I have one that I frequented, with a strong wi-fi, but then the food sucks. The cook seems to like salty food. Then there is another one with good choices of food, but then the wi-fi sucks. In other words, I haven’t found the perfect one yet.

Luckily for me, I always have my home where I can be free to…type away without worrying about noise level. Something to be thankful for.


In addition to the writing task for day 6 above (which I thought was lame and not challenging enough), I must ask the following favor from my readers. I need your suggestion of ideas for me to write which you can put in my Contact section. Write your own contact information and comment there for me to follow up later in my future writing. Your suggestion will be part of my writing task in the future. Thank you.