A year ago in Lombok Island, Indonesia…during a road trip together with co-workers.

“Okay, guys. Ready? We have to do this together. You have to do it this way with your hands, okay? Wait for my signal!” says the commander in the front.


“Everyone in the back ready?” says the commander. “I’m ready with my stand,” says the one next to her. “Wait, do what? Do I need to do this?” says the poor guy with the same look on his face that he always has.
“Oh come on, you guys. This is sooooo easy. You just have to move your hands like this and then shake your knees and bum. Soooo easy”



“See? What I tell you? Easy, right? Rock on!”

Wonderful memories are meant to be kept deep within the heart, and not just in the memory, so they can last forever.


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