Unbeaten Path

Image taken by Erlyn Olivia (author)

Quiet is the land ahead,

barren, dreary, deserted.

Uncertain, yet intrigued,

she halts and ponders,

should she take it?

Crispina Kemp is the creator of Crimson’s Creative Challenge #118. I answered the challenge with my own picture and a gogyohka poem. The picture is an old picture from 10 years ago when I found this path nearby my home at that time in Indiana, USA. I have since moved back to Indonesia.


  1. How different those two photos, the green and the barren. And I’ve no doubt the green would lead you into trouble, while the barren might cause you trouble and yet would lead to treasure


    1. Erlyn Olivia says:

      Yes, I actually did take the “unbeaten path” and took me to across the ocean, landing back in my home country. Not as barren as I thought, not bad at all 😉

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      1. So it’s not just a myth propagated by story writers? Excellent.

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