Every time I see ocean or any large body of water, especially a calm one, I can’t help not to go into a deep reflection, retracing my journey, going into the past. The color and the calmness can be very enchanting and inviting. It may be difficult to resist getting pulled into an oblivion.

play with me, you say

your whispers come with every wave

my self-will weaken

Hopefully the journey to the past doesn’t involve any regret, but you can never tell where and how far a mind could wander. We all have regret, but if you ask me to share one of my regrets, then I’d say I can’t remember the details, only the feeling. Our mind likes to play trick with us. It lets us not remember the details, but left us with a feeling that eats our heart away if we’re not careful. That’s regret.

bag’s getting heavy

have to toss away some thoughts

but not the lesson

Thanks to Crispina Kemp’s Crimson’s Creative Challenge #119 and Tuesday’s Writing Prompt Challenge – about regret.


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