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When you combine a passion in poetry and photography, do you let your writing pick the image or an image determine your writing? Which element usually speaks first?

writing or image

such inconsequential point


Yes, I know. Just a random thought, attempting to dig a smile.

Weekend Writing Prompt #199 – Element in 47 words.

VJ’s Weekly Challenge – Dig. To VJ, the host of VJ’s Weekly Challenge, I hope I can offer you a smile and lessen the exhaustion a bit.

16 thoughts on “Random Thought

  1. I have actually thought about this.
    I like to have an idea, then the image is like the sunlight that helps it grow.
    That being said, I usually write first, then look for images that fit in.
    However, sometimes when ideas are scarce but you have the will to write, there are images that evoke so much that you feel your mind stirring with so many ideas.
    So it’s a Ying and Yang thing, I think

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    1. True. When I make a haiku or any poem, I always look at the whole thing again at the end and see if those words can stand on their own without needing the picture. Thank you for visiting and commenting, Keith.

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