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Before I present my poem, let me start by explaining what prompted this piece. For most part of my day today, my heart and mind have been accompanied by songs from a new album that just came out today. It’s by DPR IAN (also known as Christian Yu), part of the Dream Perfect Regime (DPR) group. One song that has spoken to me is Nerves, with its music video that also came out today. You can see the video below and probably understand why it has been calling me to write something.

DPR IAN – Nerves, from the new MITO (Moodswings in This Order) EP, came out March 12. 2021

It is only appropriate to respond to a piece of art with one, so I offer my words in the form of Tanka. Tanka is a Japanese-origin, syllabic poem, following a 5/7/5/7/7 syllable structure. I just recently learned that Tanka can be and should make sense when read forward or backward where the third line can act as a pivot, as if the first three lines can be combined into one piece and the last two as another. So, here it is.

Fragile nerves still grow

Though half eaten by regrets

‘Tis time, search within

Sorry alone won’t close wounds 

I’d stare back fear in the eye

Congratulations to DPR IAN and to the whole DPR crew for producing another collection of mini album with astonishing music videos. You guys are true artists. Keep going strong and bold!

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