Perplexed (a senryu)

“The Watcher”. Location: Surabaya, Indonesia. Image by Erlyn Olivia (author/owner).

watching the unwatched

becoming perplexed, curious,

what’s beyond our sight?

2021 Photography Challenge – Candid Shot


The picture was taken in Surabaya, Indonesia, during a street fair at a pre-covid 19 time.

5 thoughts on “Perplexed (a senryu)

  1. Love this! I still don’t know what I’m going to do for this prompt, but I’m not sure I can top this 🙂 Love the fact that you went black and white (sepia) with this. I think that just adds to the photo!

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    1. Actually, I know a lot of people like to take street photography that are mostly candid shots. I’m not one of them, although I had taken some in the past. It wasn’t easy because I hate to intrude. Always felt guilty doing it. Thank you for your comment, Maria. I look forward seeing yours too.


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