petite delight angels

your light is magnificent

like bedtime story wrapped in lullaby

but inside the glass cage

of countless days imprisoned

freedom then perished, broken over time

wings start to fall, consumed

and pain is beyond mended

no longer a bewitching dancing lights

the soul at last conclude

that time has been suspended

old lullaby will soon exit the night

Kerf poem consists of 12 lines made up of 4 tercets, with 6/7/10 syllabic counts for each tercet, following a rhyme scene of abc abc dec dec.

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13 thoughts on “Fireflies

  1. Beautiful, poignant poem Erlyn! It was a fairytale gone wrong. The ending made me sad as no one should suffer for the gift they have.
    Thanks for joining in with this lovely poem

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  2. All these funky poetry types with all those complex lines and syllables and stuff far too complex for me. If I can rhyme the last word in a couple of sentences that’s about as poetic as I can get. You made a beautiful poignant job with this one, well done!

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    1. LOL…I know exactly what you mean. On some days I felt like taking the challenge to try new funky type, but I admit it took a certain mood and a long time to finish one. I look at it like a puzzle. And then on some days I felt like not wanting to be caged in rules. It depends on the mood I guess. Thank you for visiting. 😊

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