A Language of Feelings

“Morning Sky”. Image by Erlyn Olivia.

Paradise comes to us in many forms
Mine came as a morning bliss
Knocking bad dreams away

The sun kissed my eyes softly to open
Stunned by the display in sky
I'm lost in a deep awe

A paradise moment is lost in words
It’s a language of feelings 
Tuck 'em well in your heart

Poem is written in KIMO, which is an Israeli form of syllabic poetry, written in 3 lines with 10/7/6 syllable counts. Kimo poems often focus on a static image, a single moment in which there is no movement. Along with its brief nature, this makes it an excellent form to reflect on or celebrate a particular instance. There is no rules on rhyme or certain amount of stanza in Kimo. I just happened to write mine above in 3 stanzas.

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt Challenge May 6, 2021 – with Paradise as a prompt

20 thoughts on “A Language of Feelings

  1. Erlyn,
    I love this Kimo form. Thank you for your beautiful introduction to it. All the tactile imagery works so well in this moment of awakening, and that last stanza”s dictum re. “the paradise moment” is full of light & wisdom..

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  2. What a beautiful poem, made even more beautiful by the atnning pics. Thank you for introducing me to the KIMO form of poetry. Looks certainly interesting as it provides a little more leeway for poets to describe; because it has more syllables than the Haiku/senryu.
    Loved this.

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