On Childhood

Kids blowing off steam, brush aside sweat for more dares— precious time of life #2021picoftheweek – April 25 with the theme “Why Not?” RDP Saturday – Blow MMA Storytime’s Haiku a Day Challenge – Sweat #NaPoWriMo2021 – Day 24

Follow Me

Try shout out your voice, Tears only pauses sorrow,   Don’t weep for the world. Life grant a chance if you try, Follow me, make a loud bang. #NaPoWriMo2021 – Day 17 2021 Weekly Photo Challenge with theme Follow Me MLMM Same, Same But Different for the following words: speak cry stop allow pop Ragtag…

Warmth (a haiku)

Sunrays peeking through push away previous night’s grief – forgiveness brings warmth #NaPoWriMo2021 – Day 10 (no prompt) 2021 Weekly Photo Challenge – Summer Warmth

This Side of Things (abhanga poems)

behind rusty walls, sits a man with a trapped soul time does not disavow but mankind does a world not so different men with no name or voice yet still persistently survive throughout Based on the comment that I received, I need to add an explanation about the first picture. Those houses are built on…

Perplexed (a senryu)

watching the unwatched becoming perplexed, curious, what’s beyond our sight? 2021 Photography Challenge – Candid Shot #2021picoftheweek The picture was taken in Surabaya, Indonesia, during a street fair at a pre-covid 19 time.

Imperfect Pieces (a senryu)

a life’s main purpose to create one perfect art from broken pieces 2021 Photography Challenge – Piece by Piece

Talk to Me

2021 Photo Challenge # 4 You raise and nurture me but must I become old You set the stage for me but must I live in yours You teach me to listen but must I lose all my reasons You told me to color inside the line but my mind wants to fly across all…

It Takes Two

you left your footsteps hushed and stilled at the beach front sunset in my heart 2021 Photo Challenge # 3 2021 Photography Challenge – Footprints Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge – Pairs

Jewel – Up Close (a Senryu)

precious eyes searching and meeting fears shattered 2021 Photo Challenge # 2 Eugi’s Weekly Thursday Prompt – Jewel. Of Maria Antonia’s 2021 Photography Challenge – Up Close