Fluttering Heart

In faint he whispers to his love “Don’t forget to rest too, dear” Unbeknownst to both, it would be his last words. That night while his love is lost in a dream laying down on the thin cot next to him, he watches his love intently heartbroken from hearing the sound of exhaustion, but it’sContinue reading “Fluttering Heart”

What is Anguish?

Sullen is the air being inhaled a wrecked land empty souls the once lush – now arid flat no promises left Moment’s gone though it had its chance with eyes closed picture them fragrant of cherry blossoms cries of children’s joy It’s still there beating deep at night feelings of uneasy some things never movedContinue reading “What is Anguish?”

If She Could Talk

If she could talk, this would be her last words before she was gone. This would be her monologue. my body’s changing I can tell, I can feel it, helpless I know dark pages are ahead no, I refuse to end this chapter now just let me read this book longer will you stay withContinue reading “If She Could Talk”

Life, Precious

Breath, stringent, fitfully, unabashed tears, almost surreal. How I beg Sorrow fiercely for last court with destiny, but as the sun slowly setting, my shadow too is bidding farewell. Darkness comes, choking me with endless fear I dedicate the poem above to a friend who just a few days ago lost his partner. I’ve cameContinue reading “Life, Precious”