Follow Me

Try shout out your voice, Tears only pauses sorrow,   Don’t weep for the world. Life grant a chance if you try, Follow me, make a loud bang. #NaPoWriMo2021 – Day 17 2021 Weekly Photo Challenge with theme Follow Me MLMM Same, Same But Different for the following words: speak cry stop allow pop RagtagContinue reading “Follow Me”

Patiently, I Wait

patiently, i wait feeling Thy presence within this deep thirst nourished, the time will come when i rise, eyes opened, i follow Thee #NaPoWriMo2021 – Day 2 What Do You See Challenge no. 75 Ragtag Daily Prompt Friday – Patience

Solitary (Tree Talk: Ep 3)

in solitary solemnly greeting shadows under the sun’s eyes in between those tall brown trees a confined heart tries to hide Celebrate Thursday Tree Love with us, a community of people who love and appreciate trees. Also, accompanying the picture is a poem in tanka form and responding to FOWC – Solitary

Hope and Fear

Think I’m losing it My longing, unbearable   Please don’t burn my dreams This life you offer, cold void How can I ever catch up The poem above uses a Tanka form. I’ve written Tanka poems before that follow 5/7/5/7/7 syllable structure, but I never paid attention to the one unique characteristics of a TankaContinue reading “Hope and Fear”