On (for Song Lyric Sunday)

Jim Adams is giving us another interesting prompt this week for Song Lyric Sunday. The prompt is to come up with a song that has one word as its title. I’m making it more challenging by deciding to find the shortest word possible, the shorter the better, and so here is the song. As IContinue reading “On (for Song Lyric Sunday)”

Up to the Sky by Abda (Ahmad Abdul)

It’s Sunday and time for another Song Lyric Sunday from Jim Adams, with Hop, Jump, Leap, Pounce or Spring as the prompt. I am so excited to bring you a song from Indonesia (in English), from an Indonesian singer called Ahmad Abdul. His voice is very unique, not to mention mesmerizing! You’ll understand when youContinue reading “Up to the Sky by Abda (Ahmad Abdul)”

Eyes, Nose, Lips – Song Lyric Sunday

Jim Adams organizes a weekly song challenge called Song Lyric Sunday where a theme prompt is offered every Sunday and bloggers can contribute by sharing their favorite song according to the theme. Today’s prompt is Anguish/Misery/Torment. Please click on the prompt to see entries of songs from other contributors. I’m offering something a bit different,Continue reading “Eyes, Nose, Lips – Song Lyric Sunday”

Coffee Song from Indonesia

For my contribution of coffee song this Sunday, I am bringing you a music from Indonesia. The song is called Coffee, sung by a Filipina-American artist named Leanna Rachel, and a soundtrack from an Indonesian movie called Filosofi Kopi 2 (Coffee Philosophy). If you like Indie music, then you’ll probably like this one. Pay attentionContinue reading “Coffee Song from Indonesia”