Moon (a haiku)

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stare far into space

amidst the veil of darkness

find the faceless glow

#NaPoWriMo2021 – Day 17 Prompt is to write about the moon.

I can’t pass an invitation to write about the moon. Moon is such a magnet.

Follow Me

“Follow Me”. Image by Erlyn Olivia, owner of this blog.

Try shout out your voice,

Tears only pauses sorrow,  

Don’t weep for the world.

Life grant a chance if you try,

Follow me, make a loud bang.

#NaPoWriMo2021 – Day 17

2021 Weekly Photo Challenge with theme Follow Me

MLMM Same, Same But Different for the following words:

  1. speak
  2. cry
  3. stop
  4. allow
  5. pop

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Chance

Haunting Stories

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When equality’s bent
and fairness chose to go blind,
kingdom of violence came to seek portions.

When cries no longer work,
souls retreat into the mind,
seek courage instead to fight for options.

When looking at their face,
lips closed tight not from furies
but apathy from ceaseless destructions.

Looking into their eyes,
reflection does tell stories, 
haunting stories of justice being auctioned.

A poem in support of democracy, justice and peace in Myanmar for all people, regardless of ethnic groups, religion, gender, age, status of economy, educational level, and so on. May you one day taste peace and freedom.

Poem written using the Kerf style. Kerf consists of 12 lines that made up into 4 tercets, uses 6/7/10 syllables per tercet and a rhyme scheme of abc abc dec dec.

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt: Reflection

Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge: Justice and Equality

#NaPoWriMo2021 – Day 16

Balance (a senryu)

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When life’s unbalanced

I seek for the essentials…

gratitude and hope

I realize today that I don’t always need prompts from other people in order to write. I can search for a prompt from inside, from my own experience, which I have plenty of to pick. And I thank God for a day like today. He talked to me through everyone He sent down my way, which I’m thankful.

#NaPoWriMo2021 – Day 15 (no prompt)

The Bookstore

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There she is again at the entrance of the alley, staring. This is what she does every time she passes it. She can sense something, but cannot name it.

It was six months ago when she discovered the bookstore at the end of the alley. It appeared neglected. A smell of old books, mold and coffee ambushed her when she stepped inside. It threw her back to the memories of eating breakfast with her father surrounded with newspaper and books. She dismissed the thought and instead, tried to find a comfortable nook. It was six hours later when she finally emerged from the bookstore. She took one good look again at the building before stepping into the alley. It was only then when the sign above the entrance captured her attention. What a catchy invitation, she thought, wondering why she did not see it before.

Back at the entrance of the alley, she pulls herself together and continues walking home, impatient to continue her work. She has been wrestling with a book in progress now for about six months. Oddly enough, it already had a title from the beginning. She knew it wasn’t a good idea but couldn’t help it. The title is “If You Are a Dreamer, Come In”.

Thank you for reading. I tried to have 144 words, but to no avail. Hopefully it’s still entertaining though.

So I originally linked this post to D’Verse with a prompt “If You Are a Dreamer, Come In”, and has to be no more than 144 words. I was later told that my work cannot be accepted because it has more than 144 words. Well, if numbers are more important than the creation itself and the fun of creating within a community, then so be it. Nothing I can do about it. I think I just experienced my first writing rejection. LOL (a painful LOL that is). Life goes on.


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Her smiles

broad but nervous

stealing glances around

then rummage through her purse – checking,

that’s when

a scream from deep inside erupts

despair arrives after –

no sign of it,


Butterfly Cinquain is a nine-line non-rhyming poem using a syllabic form of 2/4/6/8/2/8/6/4/2

Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge # 221 Synonyms Only – Prompt: Searched and Lost

#NaPoWriMo2021 – Day 13 (no prompt)


petite delight angels

your light is magnificent

like bedtime story wrapped in lullaby

but inside the glass cage

of countless days imprisoned

freedom then perished, broken over time

wings start to fall, consumed

and pain is beyond mended

no longer a bewitching dancing lights

the soul at last conclude

that time has been suspended

old lullaby will soon exit the night

Kerf poem consists of 12 lines made up of 4 tercets, with 6/7/10 syllabic counts for each tercet, following a rhyme scene of abc abc dec dec.

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What Do You See # 77 using the image above

RDP Monday 12 April 2021 – Glass

MLMM Opposing Forces: incorporating opposing words of imprisoned – free and break – mend

#NaPoWriMo2021 – Day 12 (no prompt)

On (for Song Lyric Sunday)

BTS members, from left to right: J-Hope, Jungkook, Suga, V (standing), RM, Jimin and Jin (sitting)

Jim Adams is giving us another interesting prompt this week for Song Lyric Sunday. The prompt is to come up with a song that has one word as its title. I’m making it more challenging by deciding to find the shortest word possible, the shorter the better, and so here is the song. As I said before in my previous post for Song Lyric Sunday, my songs tend to be from the eastern part of the world. This time my pick is not written in English, but in Korean. No worries, I will give you the English interpretation, but if you haven’t heard of any Korean song, this may be quite a journey for you. I wish you a pleasant one.

The title of the song is On. Two-letter word is probably the shortest title for a song that you can find, unless there’s a song called I or A. On is a song recorded by BTS. It came out in February 2020, right before the global pandemic started. BTS released the music video “Kinetic Manifesto Film: Come Prima” on the same day the song is released in all streaming platforms, which I show below as the first video in this post. The MV “Kinetic Manifesto Film: Come Prima” was recorded live showing BTS, The Lab (the champion from the World of Dance Season 2), and the Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corps, a famous marching band group. They performed the whole choreography near the famous Sepulveda Dam, in Los Angeles, California. When you watch this video, you have to see it all the way to the end to witness the dance break, a special added scene only seen in some videos. Just for fun and comparison, I threw in another MV of another live performance of On at the Grand Central Terminal in New York for the Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show.

And here’s the lyrics in Korean and English before I continue talking about the artist group BTS. What I’m giving you here is the English translation only. If anyone would like to sing along the Korean lyrics written in Roman letters, you can find the lyrics by clicking here. I know that many of you will probably appreciate the meaning of the lyrics more than the song itself, but I do hope that you can enjoy their dance talent shown in the first two videos too.

BTS - ON [English Translation]

I can't understand what people are sayin'
Who and what do I need to follow
With each step then again grows the shadow
Where is this place I open my eyes to
Maybe Seoul or New York or Paris
I get up, unsteady on my feet

Look at my feet, look down
The shadow resembles me
Is it the shadow that’s shaking
Or is it my feet that are trembling
Of course I‘m not unafraid
Of course it’s not all okay
But I know
Awkwardly I flow
I fly together with that black wind

Hey na na na
Gotta go insane to stay sane
Hey na na na
Throw myself whole into both worlds
Hey na na na
Can’t hold me down cuz you know I’m a fighter
Carried myself into this beautiful prison
Find me and I'm gonna live with ya

Bring it, bring the pain oh yeah
Come on up, bring the pain oh yeah
Rain be pourin'
Sky keep fallin'
Everyday oh na na na
Bring it, bring the pain oh yeah

Bring the pain
It’ll become my blood and flesh
Bring the pain
No fear, now that I know the way
Breathe on the small things
My air and my light in the dark
The power of the things that make me, “me”
Even if I fall, I come right up, scream

Even if I fall, I come right up, scream
That’s how we’ve always been
Even if my knees drop to the ground
As long as they don’t get buried
It won’t matter
Win no matter what
Whatever you say Whatever they say
I don't give a uhh
I don't give a uhh
I don't give a uhh

Hey na na na
Gotta go insane to stay sane
Hey na na na
Throw myself whole into both worlds
Hey na na na
Can’t hold me down cuz you know I’m a fighter
Carried myself into this beautiful prison
Find me and I'm gonna live with ya

Bring it, bring the pain oh yeah
Come on up, bring the pain oh yeah
Rain be pourin'
Sky keep fallin'
Everyday oh na na na

Bring it, bring the pain oh yeah
Where my pain lies
Let me take a breath
My everythin’
My blood and tears
Got no fears
I’m singin’ ohhhhh
Oh I’m takin’ over
You should know yeah
Can’t hold me down cuz you know I’m a fighter
Choosing to descend into the dark abyss
Find me and I’m gonna bleed with ya

Bring it, bring the pain oh yeah
Come on up, bring the pain oh yeah
Rain be pourin'
Sky keep fallin'
Everyday oh na na na

Find me and I’m gonna bleed with ya
Bring it, bring the pain oh yeah
Come on up, bring the pain oh yeah
All that I know
is just goin’ on & on & on & on
Bring it, bring the pain oh yeah

Songwriters: BTS members J-Hope, RM and Suga, as well as August Rigo, Melaniae Fontana, Michel Schulz, Antonina Armato, Julia Ross, Krysta Youngs, and Pdogg.
Producer:  Pdogg

Now I’d like to say a little bit about the artists, the seven young men that belong to Bantan Sonyeondan, also known as the Bangtan Boys or BTS. The seven members are well known with their stage names RM (the leader), Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and JK (or Jung Kook). Some of you reading this post have probably heard about them recently with their hit song Dynamite (also a one-word song title) that was nominated for the Best Pop Group/Duo at the 63rd Annual Grammy Award in March 2021. BTS did not win the Grammy, but the fact that they were nominated and then became the first Korean group artist that performed fully at the Grammy was already hard to miss out in the eye of the world, not to mention all of the other major accomplishments that they’ve had. The fans of BTS, called the BTS ARMY, is also not something to be seen lightly.

I have not seen an impact done by a global union of fans the way BTS ARMY did. ARMY is not just a fans group. They make sure their voice and social impact are seen, known and received by the world. The Time magazine wrote an article about ARMY last year, Inside the BTS ARMY, the Devoted Fandom with an Unrivaled Level of Organization, as well as an article by Variety entertainment news online titled How the BTS and Its ARMY Could Change the Music Industry. To understand the connection between BTS and their fan group, Jin (one of the BTS members) says it perfectly in Variety’s article, “It’s because ARMY exists that we exist.” Truly, BTS and ARMY are like a big family. And next, I will introduce another part of the big family that plays a big role in BTS.

BTS debuted for the first time in 2013 under the Big Hit Entertainment, a small underdog entertainment company back in 2013. It has now grown to be one of the top 4 entertainment companies in South Korea, if not the number one, rebranded its name to become Hybe Entertainment in 2020, and started to spread its wings globally outside of South Korea. At the beginning of April 2021, Hybe America, a subsidiary group of Hybe Entertainment, purchased all of the holdings of Ithaca Holdings that includes SB Projects that manages Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and Big Machine Label Group. Big Hit or Hybe owes its huge development and growing to BTS, and vice versa, BTS would not be as big as they are now if not because of Big Hit. As an entertainment group, Big Hit has been known to allow plenty of rooms for their artists to grow and be free in their creativity, including for BTS. Big Hit allowed BTS members to do something that was slightly different compared to other Korean idol groups at that time, that is to produce their own songs, including writing their own lyrics. With Hybe now slowly emerging globally, are we going to see more Korean music wave globally? I don’t know, but it’s exciting to see what will happen.

So back to the song On, I would like to give you two more videos. I hope I can still have your attention. The third video will be the Official Music Video without the dance performance. The video is full of symbolism and references to various films and television shows, such as The Maze Runner, The Lion King, Game of Thrones, and perhaps more. In order to understand the symbols, I hereby give you another video. The fourth one explains the Official MV from a Korean perspective and connects those meanings to BTS and the messages they would like to send through the song. The explanation is in English, so it’ll be easy to understand. What I appreciate from watching the third and fourth video is the artistic talent and ideas that went behind the concept of the video and its making.

I hope you can enjoy everything in this long writing. I normally don’t write this long, so if I can keep your attention to the end it’s quite an achievement for me.

Please visit Song Lyric Sunday April 11, 2021 to see more songs shared by others. Have a wonderful week, everyone.

Freedom (a senryu)

Boldly she whispers,

will freedom exists if I

travel to your heart?

MLMM Sunday Writing Prompt April 11, 2021 – Freedom

MMA Storytime’s Haiku A Day Challenge – Travel

Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge #220, Poet’s Choice

#NaPoWriMo2021 – Day 11 (no prompt)