A Language of Feelings

“Morning Sky”. Image by Erlyn Olivia.

Paradise comes to us in many forms
Mine came as a morning bliss
Knocking bad dreams away

The sun kissed my eyes softly to open
Stunned by the display in sky
I'm lost in a deep awe

A paradise moment is lost in words
It’s a language of feelings 
Tuck 'em well in your heart

Poem is written in KIMO, which is an Israeli form of syllabic poetry, written in 3 lines with 10/7/6 syllable counts. Kimo poems often focus on a static image, a single moment in which there is no movement. Along with its brief nature, this makes it an excellent form to reflect on or celebrate a particular instance. There is no rules on rhyme or certain amount of stanza in Kimo. I just happened to write mine above in 3 stanzas.

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt Challenge May 6, 2021 – with Paradise as a prompt

Fluttering Heart

In faint he whispers to his love
“Don’t forget to rest too, dear”
Unbeknownst to both,  
it would be his last words.
That night while his love is lost 
in a dream laying down on the 
thin cot next to him,
he watches his love intently
heartbroken from hearing the 
sound of exhaustion,
but it’s the mere
fluttering of eye lashes 
that brought tears 
to his eyes, while
his heart also flutters
…for the last time.

This is a product of my imagination but based on a true story; a tribute to a dear friend. Because of him I found the courage to delve into poetry again. Thank you. May you rest in peace in your new world now. Flutter away freely with your wings.

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt April 29, 2021 – Flutter

The Dance Between Truth And Fantasy

Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash

We come across many folk in life
each person has a soul and owner
but then these owners don't always converse
bunch of lonely souls trying hard to survive

These pitiful souls do lead a life
looking tough always on the face outside
but walk with knife stuck in their chest
and wear their pride like the batman's vest

I was once told a well-known dance
it moves between the truth and fantasy
when joining the dance please do it correctly
or be lost forever in that delusional land

A person’s mind is a precious thing
a massive layer of joy and agony
in time the mind will have to decide
to stay in dance or bid goodbye

#NaPoWriMo2021 – Day 23

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt April 22, 2021 – Dance

Reena’s Xploration Challenge #182 – Layers

Haunting Stories

Photo by Zinko Hein on Unsplash

When equality’s bent
and fairness chose to go blind,
kingdom of violence came to seek portions.

When cries no longer work,
souls retreat into the mind,
seek courage instead to fight for options.

When looking at their face,
lips closed tight not from furies
but apathy from ceaseless destructions.

Looking into their eyes,
reflection does tell stories, 
haunting stories of justice being auctioned.

A poem in support of democracy, justice and peace in Myanmar for all people, regardless of ethnic groups, religion, gender, age, status of economy, educational level, and so on. May you one day taste peace and freedom.

Poem written using the Kerf style. Kerf consists of 12 lines that made up into 4 tercets, uses 6/7/10 syllables per tercet and a rhyme scheme of abc abc dec dec.

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt: Reflection

Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge: Justice and Equality

#NaPoWriMo2021 – Day 16

The Game

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels


must have

put it down

somewhere inside,

console table – checked,

dining room table – checked,

anger – annoyed has thin line

hide and seek no longer my game

suddenly, one glimpse at the mirror

damn thing been perched on my head the whole time!

See, they think they’re good at this playful game

brain is likely directing the whole

he sits back, enjoys the moment

snaps fingers at the mirror

cues my eyes when to look

but I’ll show them all

who’s still the boss

I’m in charge,

no one


D’Verse Poets’ Pub Challenge – Body, Body Parts and Their Experience

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Playful

#NaPoWriMo2021 – Day 9