A Language of Feelings

Paradise comes to us in many forms Mine came as a morning bliss Knocking bad dreams away The sun kissed my eyes softly to open Stunned by the display in sky I’m lost in a deep awe A paradise moment is lost in words It’s a language of feelings Tuck ’em well in your heartContinue reading “A Language of Feelings”

Fluttering Heart

In faint he whispers to his love “Don’t forget to rest too, dear” Unbeknownst to both, it would be his last words. That night while his love is lost in a dream laying down on the thin cot next to him, he watches his love intently heartbroken from hearing the sound of exhaustion, but it’sContinue reading “Fluttering Heart”

The Dance Between Truth And Fantasy

We come across many folk in lifeeach person has a soul and ownerbut then these owners don’t always conversebunch of lonely souls trying hard to surviveThese pitiful souls do lead a lifelooking tough always on the face outsidebut walk with knife stuck in their chest and wear their pride like the batman’s vestI was onceContinue reading “The Dance Between Truth And Fantasy”

Haunting Stories

When equality’s bent and fairness chose to go blind, kingdom of violence came to seek portions. When cries no longer work, souls retreat into the mind, seek courage instead to fight for options. When looking at their face, lips closed tight not from furies but apathy from ceaseless destructions. Looking into their eyes, reflection doesContinue reading “Haunting Stories”

The Game

I must have put it down somewhere inside, console table – checked, dining room table – checked, anger – annoyed has thin line hide and seek no longer my game suddenly, one glimpse at the mirror damn thing been perched on my head the whole time! See, they think they’re good at this playful gameContinue reading “The Game”

Canopy Blossoms

branch to branch, they dance to music of birds chirping, canopy blossoms NaPoWriMo 2021 – A poem a day – Day 1 Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Canopy Ragtag Daily Prompt Wednesday – Music MMA Storytime’s Haiku A Day Challenge – Chirping

Jewel – Up Close (a Senryu)

precious eyes searching and meeting fears shattered 2021 Photo Challenge # 2 Eugi’s Weekly Thursday Prompt – Jewel. Of Maria Antonia’s 2021 Photography Challenge – Up Close