In Their Own World (CBWC: Letter B or W)

Just random pictures of things that start with the letter B or W. Taking a short break from writing poems and just enjoying this sharing of old pictures. One day I may write a poem inspired by these pictures. Please check out Cee’s Black and White Challenge to see more awesome images. For this week,Continue reading “In Their Own World (CBWC: Letter B or W)”

Yellow in Art

Visit Jude’s blog and challenge at Life in Colour Photo Challenge 2021, Yellow in February. Also, this post is in response to Rag Tag Daily Prompt with Tuesday theme Art. All images in this post belong to the author of this blog, Erlyn Olivia.

Liburan Itu Ibarat Es Krim

Liburan itu ibarat es krim. Pasti pernah kan makan es krim? Ada seorang anak muda yang mengatakan es krim itu tidak bisa bertahan lama, harus segera dimakan karena meleleh dengan cepat. Penafsiran yang sepertinya lebih mengarah ke pemahaman es krim sebagai suatu objek yang harus segera dikonsumsi. Ada sedikit unsur keimpulsifan dalam penafsiran itu, bahwaContinue reading “Liburan Itu Ibarat Es Krim”

The Story of Three Best Friends

There are these three best friends, who always come together at night time, mostly on weekends. It’s hard for them to find time to meet during weekdays because of “other priorities”. Tonight for example, on this late Sunday night, they meet again. And what a moment it is. They sure feel like they are inContinue reading “The Story of Three Best Friends”