Random Thought

Photo by Charles on Pexels.com

When you combine a passion in poetry and photography, do you let your writing pick the image or an image determine your writing? Which element usually speaks first?

writing or image

such inconsequential point


Yes, I know. Just a random thought, attempting to dig a smile.

Weekend Writing Prompt #199 – Element in 47 words.

VJ’s Weekly Challenge – Dig. To VJ, the host of VJ’s Weekly Challenge, I hope I can offer you a smile and lessen the exhaustion a bit.


Every time I see ocean or any large body of water, especially a calm one, I can’t help not to go into a deep reflection, retracing my journey, going into the past. The color and the calmness can be very enchanting and inviting. It may be difficult to resist getting pulled into an oblivion.

play with me, you say

your whispers come with every wave

my self-will weaken

Hopefully the journey to the past doesn’t involve any regret, but you can never tell where and how far a mind could wander. We all have regret, but if you ask me to share one of my regrets, then I’d say I can’t remember the details, only the feeling. Our mind likes to play trick with us. It lets us not remember the details, but left us with a feeling that eats our heart away if we’re not careful. That’s regret.

bag’s getting heavy

have to toss away some thoughts

but not the lesson

Thanks to Crispina Kemp’s Crimson’s Creative Challenge #119 and Tuesday’s Writing Prompt Challenge – about regret.

Oh Daisy, Daisy

“I love daisies… They’re so friendly. Don’t you think daisies are the friendliest flower?”

~Kathleen Kelly, a character from You’ve Got Mail


Daisy has such a simple, easy, uncomplicated, yet elegant form. Its whiteness seems so pure and clean, despite its nature as a wild flower. The form has a cheerful character, similar to a form of sunflowers, symbolizing the sun that brings light and cheerfulness to the world. It is difficult not to feel a bit Pollyannaish when looking at a handful of daisies, especially if the daisies are sitting on our own kitchen table.

as I stare at you,

you stare back at me, teasing,

a gasp of joy

But let’s not forget its other attractive character as well. As a wild flower, daisy symbolizes freedom, being untamed, loose, natural. Yet, the freedom also speaks to its important present in this world, that is to compliment things that happen in this world that are routines in nature, bounded by rules and all the “ought to be”. It offers balance.

undaunted by rules

curse destiny in its face

you grow unannounced


floating or flying,

our mind can’t seem to discern,

fact is, life goes on.


Floating or flying,

what’s the difference,

for an image has

one main purpose,

to trick.

I presented these three forms of poems, haibun, haiku and gogyohka, as a response to Photo Challenge #353 by Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. Please visit the site to see other creative contributions from other bloggers. Thank you for reading. It’s been a joy in making these poems.

Featured image is by Arshi Ahmed from stylecraze.com

Untamed Mind

Do not say you’ve lost, if you never started. Do not say you’re free, if you’ve never been genuine in your life. Ever notice how a wolf never be part of a circus? That’s because they’re too wild to be tamed.

Untamed mind, don’t let your heart be overtaken. Untamed heart, don’t let your mind be subjugated. Run free, free to the openness, and let your voice echoing to every corner of the universe.

Mistakes? Yes, you will make them, but be proud of them however painful they may be. They will be your teachers, learn from them.


raise your chin
look them in the eyes
and, seize it!



The piece above is written following a ‘haibun’ style. Haibun is the combination of two poems: a prose poem and haiku. The form was popularized by the 17th century Japanese poet, Matsuo Basho. Both the prose poem and haiku typically communicate with each other. For the haiku, I used 3-5-3 syllable style.

While writing this piece, my mind was influenced by what I have been seeing in the past few days related to the celebration of International Woman’s Month of March 2020, particularly the topic of structural and systematic violence against women everywhere in this world.