The Night Music


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as I lay me down,

my mind rests, comforted by

the music of rain




what night can offer

a peaceful sound, a solace

that beats rhythmically


Originally posted on April 2016 in another blog of mine.

On Alone

alone on new year
wait, lemme check on the heart
good, still there, beating


rethinking alone
it should be fun, I mean fine!
better than lonely



Originally published in February 2016 in my other blog.

On Rain


Picture credit to, taken from the internet

words between fingers
hitting the keyboards, while rain
play background music


burst, tears of heaven!
shower our night, lull our dream
yield fresh air come dawn

The two haikus were originally published on January 2016 in another blog.


hurtful words
from a close friend’s mouth
sting like bee

** the above haiku follows the 3-5-3 rule, instead of the more common 5-7-5 one.

pardon me, my friend
leave your shoes outside, they make
a poisonous path


all men are the same
they have one thing in common
they play game of hearts


All three haiku poems were originally published in January 2016 on another blog.

On Friendship

These two haiku poems were also written as a tribute to my birthday friend and to all of my friends wherever you guys are. I love you all and God bless you always. These were published originally in January 2016 as well in another blog of mine.


when laughter faded
when food and drinks are all gone
we’re left with our hearts


don’t say it’s too far
don’t say we don’t have the time
when friendship calling



On Birthday

The following haiku poems were inspired by a request from a friend who was having a birthday in January. She requested a poem for her birthday. I ended up giving her a couple. Finished them in 15 minutes. What can I say? It was a challenge, and plus, she’s a dear friend, an angel. So the words came out effortlessly. These were originally published in January 2016.


oh what’s a year for?
only closer to the earth
says a wise man once


oh what’s a year for?
if maturity knocking
make sure let it in