Tree Talk: A Series (Episode 1)

“Trees are sanctuary. Whoever knows how to speak to them, whoever knows how to listen to them, can learn the truth. ~ Herman Hesse branches sing in tune, and a poem of undead leaves etched a trail un-end Thursday Tree Love # 104 Ragtag Daily Prompt Thursday: Repeating Shapes All images in this post belong…

A Nod to Morning

a nod to morning as dream slips through in a sigh in time for adieu Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge #346 – Time and Slip, by Ronovan Writes. Please visit the blog to see more haiku poems about Time and Slip. Tanka Tuesday Weekly Poetry Challenge #214 – Dreams, by Word Craft – Prose and…

Time Flies

a life being reviewed steps retraced, a pause, exhales where has the time gone 2021 Photo Challenge # 1 In response to Maria Antonia’s 2021 Photography Challenge every Saturday, plus a haiku to accompany the picture.

Run Down

Disuse and run down, it needs a desperate run up, before soon run out. Please visit Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge with Steps or Ladders for prompt. Can’t help to add a haiku. Image above belongs to the author of this blog, Erlyn Olivia.


Lone soul in bare night A beacon, beckoning love Pride, in world so lost Loneliness, has many faces. When finally unveiled, invokes fragility amidst pride, blocking one from admitting. My reaction in the form of haiku and gogyahka to an invoking image and challenge from Sadje’s What Do You See #69.

Oh Daisy, Daisy

“I love daisies… They’re so friendly. Don’t you think daisies are the friendliest flower?” ~Kathleen Kelly, a character from You’ve Got Mail HAIBUN: Daisy has such a simple, easy, uncomplicated, yet elegant form. Its whiteness seems so pure and clean, despite its nature as a wild flower. The form has a cheerful character, similar to…

Untamed Mind

Do not say you’ve lost, if you never started. Do not say you’re free, if you’ve never been genuine in your life. Ever notice how a wolf never be part of a circus? That’s because they’re too wild to be tamed. Untamed mind, don’t let your heart be overtaken. Untamed heart, don’t let your mind…


  just like morning dew you plant your kisses gently while sun is watching ***** Daily Post Prompt at WordPress: Tender.


  I have no more left Love drained it empty last night Blending well with blood *****   Day 1 Poetry Challenge. Theme: Water. Form: Haiku #introtopoetry Image taken by Joel Filipe from


  portion of my soul left me that day, disappeared and the night, swallowed ***** DailyPost at WordPress challenge: Portion, a haiku.   Featured Image taken by Elisabetta Foco, taken from