A Language of Feelings

Paradise comes to us in many forms Mine came as a morning bliss Knocking bad dreams away The sun kissed my eyes softly to open Stunned by the display in sky I’m lost in a deep awe A paradise moment is lost in words It’s a language of feelings Tuck ’em well in your heart…

Red and White

It just happens that red and white are the colors of Indonesian flag, so here are haikus from my perspective to answer this prompt challenge of Red and White. (I) To the red and white I bestow my allegiance no doubt ’til the end (II) I hear it calling red and white in my bloodstream…

Perplexed (a senryu)

watching the unwatched becoming perplexed, curious, what’s beyond our sight? 2021 Photography Challenge – Candid Shot #2021picoftheweek The picture was taken in Surabaya, Indonesia, during a street fair at a pre-covid 19 time.

Coffee Song from Indonesia

For my contribution of coffee song this Sunday, I am bringing you a music from Indonesia. The song is called Coffee, sung by a Filipina-American artist named Leanna Rachel, and a soundtrack from an Indonesian movie called Filosofi Kopi 2 (Coffee Philosophy). If you like Indie music, then you’ll probably like this one. Pay attention…

Tree Talk: A Series (Episode 1)

“Trees are sanctuary. Whoever knows how to speak to them, whoever knows how to listen to them, can learn the truth. ~ Herman Hesse branches sing in tune, and a poem of undead leaves etched a trail un-end Thursday Tree Love # 104 Ragtag Daily Prompt Thursday: Repeating Shapes All images in this post belong…

Musing Around for Bridges

Let’s talk about bridges today. I’ll start with the old, traditional one, where no cars are allowed, but perhaps cattle and horses are okay…. ….and then there’s the straight-forward one with a specific purpose. Or how about a modern one, the bottom view to be exact…. ….and this is the top view, although I still…

Time Flies

a life being reviewed steps retraced, a pause, exhales where has the time gone 2021 Photo Challenge # 1 In response to Maria Antonia’s 2021 Photography Challenge every Saturday, plus a haiku to accompany the picture.

Yellow in Art

Visit Jude’s blog and challenge at Life in Colour Photo Challenge 2021, Yellow in February. Also, this post is in response to Rag Tag Daily Prompt with Tuesday theme Art. All images in this post belong to the author of this blog, Erlyn Olivia.

Indonesia in Yellow

Please visit Jude’s blog and challenge at Life in Colour Photo Challenge 2021, Yellow February. Credit of all images in this piece should be to the author of this blog, Erlyn Olivia.


Girisonta, Sabtu Malam Paskah, 20 April 2019 Misa Sabtu malam Paskah di Girisonta malam ini dipimpin oleh Romo Priyo, SJ (Serikat Yesus, suatu ordo dalam agama Katolik). Terus terang begitu tahu bahwa Romo Priyo yang akan memimpin misa, saya sudah menunggu bagian homili ini, sehingga tidak heran kalau beliau memulai dengan sebuah cetar! Tidak sampai…