Resilience (Tree Talk: Ep 4)

In my heart I know it is time for next steps a moment of silence to catch breath, gather thoughts, stillness – show must continue doubt, regret they come, no ending let rain pours why not befriend them – sometimes we come to unpaved roads, but treading through we must #NaPoWriMo2021 – second entry forContinue reading “Resilience (Tree Talk: Ep 4)”


On a barren day like today the lure nagged more than usual gnawing the inside of my brain greedily little I could do to stop it I feel like grabbing the car key take off without anything in hands except an old heart and a pitiful mind they’re broken anyway, just like the rest whatContinue reading “Imagination”

Still An Icon

it has its moment of glory an icon representing its land even a fame in the eyes of the world what anyone would do to have an everlasting pic of its beauty while being inside it, of course but every accolade has an ending time catches up sooner or later new technology was introduced toContinue reading “Still An Icon”

The Old Bike

I used to have an old bicycle and there was a time in my life when many late afternoons were spent on that bike exploring neighborhood after neighborhood following the direction where the sun was setting It was as if I was searching for something though unclear what, turning on what seems to be unendingContinue reading “The Old Bike”

This Side of Things (abhanga poems)

behind rusty walls, sits a man with a trapped soul time does not disavow but mankind does a world not so different men with no name or voice yet still persistently survive throughout Based on the comment that I received, I need to add an explanation about the first picture. Those houses are built onContinue reading “This Side of Things (abhanga poems)”

Patiently, I Wait

patiently, i wait feeling Thy presence within this deep thirst nourished, the time will come when i rise, eyes opened, i follow Thee #NaPoWriMo2021 – Day 2 What Do You See Challenge no. 75 Ragtag Daily Prompt Friday – Patience

A Message of Love and Hope

On the day of Palm Sunday, March 28, 2021, at 10.30 am (local time), two suicide bombers exploded themselves in front of the Cathedral Catholic church in the city of Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. Makassar is my hometown. I was born and raised there and attended mass several times in that cathedral during my childhood.Continue reading “A Message of Love and Hope”

Up to the Sky by Abda (Ahmad Abdul)

It’s Sunday and time for another Song Lyric Sunday from Jim Adams, with Hop, Jump, Leap, Pounce or Spring as the prompt. I am so excited to bring you a song from Indonesia (in English), from an Indonesian singer called Ahmad Abdul. His voice is very unique, not to mention mesmerizing! You’ll understand when youContinue reading “Up to the Sky by Abda (Ahmad Abdul)”