Lone soul in bare night A beacon, beckoning love Pride, in world so lost Loneliness, has many faces. When finally unveiled, invokes fragility amidst pride, blocking one from admitting. My reaction in the form of haiku and gogyahka to an invoking image and challenge from Sadje’s What Do You See #69.


Image is credited to xMegalopolisx, from Someday, She will feel nothing Emotions will evaporate No longer a burden on her being Someday, She will care for no words Words will lose its way No longer have the power to hurt Someday, She will shed no more tears Empty eyes, left to decay But free…

The Night Dance

She asked me once, Have you ever met emptiness? Did you talk to it? What does it look like? How does it make you feel? Have you ever looked at loneliness in the eyes? Stared through those eyes? What do you see behind them? Have you ever cried so hard ’til your chest hurts, but…

To Love a Shadow

one day she ask, how to love a shadow? why you ask, I say but she answer none so then I offer these words, don’t love a shadow but find the light the only one that could pull the shadow out from his cocoon the one that dances with him, anytime under the night canopy…

One Fighting Spirit

no wind, rain or sun can kill the lonely spirit inside, chasing ghost Originally posted on December 2014 in