Daily Prompt: WordPress Challenge: Evanescent

Your glow is dimming, ever so gently

taking your glare with you, fading into the abyss

I start to look, for any sign

perhaps some footsteps, left by your shadow

and find hollow instead.

Your existence,

a fleeting moment,

an evanescence.

~~~~~ *** ~~~~~

The pictures below were taken during a precious moment in my life. I didn’t know it yet then that it was a period of change, that my life would forever change because I came to the place shown in these images. The place represents tranquility, peace, a time for contemplation, but it also now holds a grief. The place always reminds me of certain individuals who I keep close to my heart, but I don’t know why I somehow feel that they are drifting away.  I’m afraid that they are slowly…becoming an evanescence.


Blue sky


Please tell me that this is just my fear, that my thinking has no ground. Please tell me so.



Hai Kawan (2)


Ibarat sebuah lukisan
dengan kuas yang sudah disiapkan oleh Sang Pencipta
setiap kali kau menyapa fajar,
lukisan seperti apa yang ingin kau hasilkan
di atas kanvas putih hati yang baru?

Pasti ada cerita di balik setiap gambar,
mungkin lukisanmu ternoda kekecewaan atau tangisan getir
atau kuasmu tergerak tawa dan canda
apapun itu, lukislah dengan hati
bukti kau pernah menapakkan jejak di dunia ini