The Dance Between Truth And Fantasy

We come across many folk in lifeeach person has a soul and ownerbut then these owners don’t always conversebunch of lonely souls trying hard to surviveThese pitiful souls do lead a lifelooking tough always on the face outsidebut walk with knife stuck in their chest and wear their pride like the batman’s vestI was onceContinue reading “The Dance Between Truth And Fantasy”

Self Image

Like an obedient kid where her shadow goes, she follows Or a drifted bee Where flower blooms, she bows But then on some days When came the whisper of haze and all effort to rein in anguish fails she let amok run its ruins D’Verse’s Quadrille #122 with the word Go.

Defense Wall of Depression

I found out from my experience that most people don’t feel comfortable when facing a person who has a depression or a melancholic person. I first discovered this long time ago. Those who I have came out to about my depression and they still managed to stand there listening to my story (instead of runningContinue reading “Defense Wall of Depression”