Day 6: The Space to Write


Writing can be an absorbing task. When I write, I need books around me. Sometimes accompanied by coffee and food too. I rely on notes sometimes that I have collected. Or sometimes, idea just came out and I wrote without needing any notes.

When I write, I can go into my own world. Therefore, a place that fits me to write will be my house, or in my room to be specific. Once in a while, I can do it in a coffee shop, but if the coffee shop is too crowded then I have a hard time concentrating. People can be obnoxiously loud in coffee shop, so I have to choose the right one. And I can be picky. I have one that I frequented, with a strong wi-fi, but then the food sucks. The cook seems to like salty food. Then there is another one with good choices of food, but then the wi-fi sucks. In other words, I haven’t found the perfect one yet.

Luckily for me, I always have my home where I can be free to…type away without worrying about noise level. Something to be thankful for.


In addition to the writing task for day 6 above (which I thought was lame and not challenging enough), I must ask the following favor from my readers. I need your suggestion of ideas for me to write which you can put in my Contact section. Write your own contact information and comment there for me to follow up later in my future writing. Your suggestion will be part of my writing task in the future. Thank you.


Day 1: Why Do I Write?


I write because I hear voices…

No, just kidding. My apology if that sounds unkind. Just trying to start my essay with some catchy words.

But putting joke aside, it is to me akin to hearing voices, although not in that sense. I write because I saw, overheard, or read something and then it was as if a voice, an energy, was pulling me toward my laptop (or a piece of paper if I didn’t have my gadget with me) and transferring what I experienced into writing. Sometimes I had to do it right away because if I waited, it would be forgotten later. And when I say it was like an energy, perhaps it was. I wouldn’t feel satisfied or calmed before I wrote it down. In other words, I write because something is pulling me to it. It’s as if I have to. I have to write it down. Just have to share it.

That’s it, share! I write because deep down in my heart, I love sharing. I value sharing, or communication in that matter. Without sharing and communication, this world means nothing or things will not work out well. Of course, we have to be cautious of what we share. Nevertheless, sharing connects people. Sharing is a form of intimacy, and it is healthy, rather than keeping things inside. When I feel afraid or intimidated to share how I feel with someone, it is then that I know I no longer feel close or intimate to that person, let alone trust. Sharing is the fruit of trust.

A friend of mine told me one time about my writing style. She said that sometimes she was amazed at how much sharing I could put into my writing. What a lovely feedback, which appreciated very much. However, the feedback didn’t deter me from continuing my style of writing. I will share a part of me as much as I think it would somehow help others too, but I also believe that every writer has a part of him or herself that will always remain a secret. Writers just know where to draw the line.

True, there was a time when I couldn’t write. I think it was because my attention was distracted and directed onto something else in my life, which now looking back into it, I should have actually still continued writing. Writing and those other things in my life should go hand in hand, instead of those other things taking over my passion in writing. Once I refocused my life, I realize that writing is it. This is the part of my life that I am good at and can be proud of. I’m not an expert in writing, but I’m proud of it. What I have accomplished so far has been self-taught (autodidact). Never took any course, but gulped a ton of books, and that’s how I learned to write. In my previous blog, I challenged myself often to finish writing prompts and poetry challenges. I’m restarting it now. The positive feeling is the reason why I write. I’d like to improve more in my writing skills and produce something.

I am also bilingual — fluent in speaking, reading, and writing in Bahasa Indonesia and English. The bilingual part is both my strength and my weakness, and also another reason why I write. I would like to contribute to the writing world with my bilingual skills. I don’t know yet how I’m going to do it, but I plan to accomplish something in that aspect.

So, these are the reasons why I write. What about you? Why do you write?