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She will feel nothing
Emotions will evaporate
No longer a burden on her being

She will care for no words
Words will lose its way
No longer have the power to hurt

She will shed no more tears
Empty eyes, left to decay
But free from fears

Her journey will cease
And she reaches the end
It is then when she discovers peace

It is then when…
she starts…


Stillness (2)

John Legend singing True Colors on TED video

When days seem to be blurry,
yes, blurry,
not blue,
and blurry days do exist,
we hold on to things that could stir
something inside,
like music perhaps.
Not just any kind of music,
but the one that could offer
a glimpse of hope,
a taste of happiness,
a stillness,
a peace within.


The poem above was inspired by the video and was originally published in January 2016 in another blog of mine.