In Their Own World (CBWC: Letter B or W)

“A Boy and His Bike”. Location: Surabaya, Indonesia. Image by Erlyn Olivia.

“Besties by the Water”. Location: Banjarmasin, Indonesia. Image by Erlyn Olivia.

“Little Bike”. Image by Erlyn Olivia.

“Big Window”. Location: Berlin. Image by Erlyn Olivia.

Just random pictures of things that start with the letter B or W. Taking a short break from writing poems and just enjoying this sharing of old pictures. One day I may write a poem inspired by these pictures.

Please check out Cee’s Black and White Challenge to see more awesome images. For this week, the challenge is to find items or images that start with the letter B or W.

Resilience (Tree Talk: Ep 4)

“Fortress”. Location: Yogyakarta, Central Java, Indonesia. Image is owned by author of this blog, Erlyn Olivia

In my heart

I know it is time

for next steps

a moment of silence to

catch breath, gather thoughts, stillness –

show must continue

doubt, regret

they come, no ending

let rain pours

why not befriend them – sometimes

we come to unpaved roads, but

treading through we must

#NaPoWriMo2021 – second entry for Day 7 (a shadorma)

Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge #220 – a shadorma

#ThursdayTreeLove – 107

#TreeTalkSeries – Episode 4

Perplexed (a senryu)

“The Watcher”. Location: Surabaya, Indonesia. Image by Erlyn Olivia (author/owner).

watching the unwatched

becoming perplexed, curious,

what’s beyond our sight?

2021 Photography Challenge – Candid Shot


The picture was taken in Surabaya, Indonesia, during a street fair at a pre-covid 19 time.

Talk to Me

2021 Photo Challenge # 4

Image belong to the author of this blog, Erlyn Olivia

You raise and nurture me

but must I become old

You set the stage for me

but must I live in yours

You teach me to listen

but must I lose all my reasons

You told me to color inside the line

but my mind wants to fly across all lines

Will you always put barrier around my crib

and stop me from ever falling

Or will you give me the freedom

to fight my own demon

I pray you could listen

so we won’t be missen

And if only I could speak

I’d whisper, I’m your gift          

2021 Photography Challenge – Talk to Me

A Lone Soul

“A Lone Soul”. Image sketched and owned by author of this blog, Erlyn Olivia


cold frost still lingers

lichening wildly on vines

the lone spirit stands


naked and lonely

it whistles tirelessly

summoning love birds

Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge no. 215 – Poet’s Choice! This time I offer you another sketch of a tree and two haikus to accompany the sketch. Hence, what I actually offer this time is a haiga. Haiga is a haiku accompanied by a picture. Haiga, haiku, well, in reality the separation line is very thin. What’s more important is to enjoy making it.

Stacks of Life

Random pictures from around the world showing “stacks”.

Please visit Tuesday Photo Challenge – with the theme Stack for more pictures.

All images belong to the author of this blog, Erlyn Olivia.

Musing Around for Bridges

Let’s talk about bridges today.

I’ll start with the old, traditional one, where no cars are allowed, but perhaps cattle and horses are okay….

“Take Me to the Other Side”. Location: Martapura River, Banjarmasin city, Kalimantan (Borneo), Indonesia

….and then there’s the straight-forward one with a specific purpose.

“Jomblo Bridge”, (jomblo means singles, as in this bridge is for single people only). Location: Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Or how about a modern one, the bottom view to be exact….

“Tunnel Vision”, (below a modern bridge). Location: Singapore.

….and this is the top view, although I still fail to spot the cattle and horses on this one. Anyone?

“Calling for Cattle and Horses Bridge”. Location: Singapore.

Finally, the tiny one for pedestrian….

“Passing Through Bridge”. Location: Singapore.

“All bridges serve one purpose, that is to get across. Have you made a bridge today? Have you BECOME a bridge for someone?”

~Erlyn Olivia

And since you are such a nice visitor, here is an extra one.

“Afternoon Date”. Location: Singapore.

I hope you spot the bridge and not just focus on the couple. Perhaps these two met at the Jomblo Bridge, let’s hope they had a wonderful time together.

Thanks for the opportunity to share some old photos that have been hiding inside my handphone for a long time. I didn’t realize I still have so many treasures in there. Please visit Cee’s Challenge Your Camera #7 – Bridge for more pictures.

All images in this post belong to the author of this blog, Erlyn Olivia.