Image is titled Shy by Lolli Chan from DeviantArt

a knock
awaken him from a deep slumber
he opened the door
to a moon face
pale looking, frail
standing against door frame
blocking the yellow gleam from the street
spellbound by her presence
lulled by her voice
he invited her in
oblivious to what followed behind her
for it was the most powerful storm
he would ever face
oh, poor guy
trying clumsily to keep it together
the last thing he remembered
before the storm took over
was those eyes
glistened with emptiness
he could see through them
and witness her storm

how unprepared he was
the poor guy


I’m having one of those days, lacking motivation to be creative. Writing prompts and challenges are not helping today. So, I grabbed an old poem that I created about 6 years ago with no knowledge whatsoever about poetry. These words were inspired by the powerful image above. Those eyes…are haunting, if not daunting — it all depends on your perception.




Daily Prompt: WordPress Challenge: Evanescent

Your glow is dimming, ever so gently

taking your glare with you, fading into the abyss

I start to look, for any sign

perhaps some footsteps, left by your shadow

and find hollow instead.

Your existence,

a fleeting moment,

an evanescence.

~~~~~ *** ~~~~~

The pictures below were taken during a precious moment in my life. I didn’t know it yet then that it was a period of change, that my life would forever change because I came to the place shown in these images. The place represents tranquility, peace, a time for contemplation, but it also now holds a grief. The place always reminds me of certain individuals who I keep close to my heart, but I don’t know why I somehow feel that they are drifting away.  I’m afraid that they are slowly…becoming an evanescence.


Blue sky


Please tell me that this is just my fear, that my thinking has no ground. Please tell me so.