On a barren day like today
the lure nagged more than usual
gnawing the inside of my brain greedily
little I could do to stop it
I feel like grabbing the car key
take off without anything in hands
except an old heart and a pitiful mind
they're broken anyway, just like the rest 
what to lose	

On a gray day like today
would be nice to see colors again, perhaps
meeting and mixing new ones this time around, 
or walk bare feet on grass, the wind teasing and 
kissing my toes, I’ll happily let out a giggle
I think the world is calling but I’m frozen
deaf inside and outside, unable to move
what I would do to sit behind the wheel again
and drive away without destination in mind 
just let go 

#NaPoWriMo2021 – Day 6 (no prompt)

MLMM Photo Challenge #361

Time Flies

Image taken by the author of this blog, Erlyn Olivia

a life being reviewed

steps retraced, a pause, exhales

where has the time gone

2021 Photo Challenge # 1

In response to Maria Antonia’s 2021 Photography Challenge every Saturday, plus a haiku to accompany the picture.


Image credit to Lucas Albuquerque

Lone soul in bare night

A beacon, beckoning love

Pride, in world so lost


has many faces.

When finally unveiled,

invokes fragility amidst pride,

blocking one from admitting.

My reaction in the form of haiku and gogyahka to an invoking image and challenge from Sadje’s What Do You See #69.

Unbeaten Path

Image taken by Erlyn Olivia (author)

Quiet is the land ahead,

barren, dreary, deserted.

Uncertain, yet intrigued,

she halts and ponders,

should she take it?

Crispina Kemp is the creator of Crimson’s Creative Challenge #118. I answered the challenge with my own picture and a gogyohka poem. The picture is an old picture from 10 years ago when I found this path nearby my home at that time in Indiana, USA. I have since moved back to Indonesia.

Oh Daisy, Daisy

“I love daisies… They’re so friendly. Don’t you think daisies are the friendliest flower?”

~Kathleen Kelly, a character from You’ve Got Mail


Daisy has such a simple, easy, uncomplicated, yet elegant form. Its whiteness seems so pure and clean, despite its nature as a wild flower. The form has a cheerful character, similar to a form of sunflowers, symbolizing the sun that brings light and cheerfulness to the world. It is difficult not to feel a bit Pollyannaish when looking at a handful of daisies, especially if the daisies are sitting on our own kitchen table.

as I stare at you,

you stare back at me, teasing,

a gasp of joy

But let’s not forget its other attractive character as well. As a wild flower, daisy symbolizes freedom, being untamed, loose, natural. Yet, the freedom also speaks to its important present in this world, that is to compliment things that happen in this world that are routines in nature, bounded by rules and all the “ought to be”. It offers balance.

undaunted by rules

curse destiny in its face

you grow unannounced


floating or flying,

our mind can’t seem to discern,

fact is, life goes on.


Floating or flying,

what’s the difference,

for an image has

one main purpose,

to trick.

I presented these three forms of poems, haibun, haiku and gogyohka, as a response to Photo Challenge #353 by Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. Please visit the site to see other creative contributions from other bloggers. Thank you for reading. It’s been a joy in making these poems.

Featured image is by Arshi Ahmed from

A Morning Monologue

Image credit: Richard Kesperowsk@Unsplash

Ah, you caught me,

caught me stealing a glance

What can I say,

your sight just sucks me

like a magnet

So you got me


what can I do for you

I have to offer something

‘ cause it’s rude not to

I’ve interrupted you,

your alone time

You can punish me

Please, punish me

I’ll take anything

Anything other than


Thanks to Sadje What Do You See # 68 – February 8, 2021.




a knock
awaken him from a deep slumber
he opened the door
to a moon face
pale looking, frail
standing against door frame
blocking the yellow gleam from the street
spellbound by her presence
lulled by her voice
he invited her in
oblivious to what followed behind her
for it was the most powerful storm
he would ever face
oh, poor guy
trying clumsily to keep it together
the last thing he remembered
before the storm took over
was those eyes
glistened with emptiness
he could see through them
and witness her storm

how unprepared he was
the poor guy


I’m having one of those days, lacking motivation to be creative. Writing prompts and challenges are not helping today. So, I grabbed an old poem that I created about 6 years ago with no knowledge whatsoever about poetry. These words were inspired by the powerful image above. Those eyes…are haunting, if not daunting — it all depends on your perception.


Image is titled Shy by Lolli Chan from DeviantArt

Detonation – A Haiku


one detonation

and you play god, but our faith

will demolish you


DailyPost at WordPress, thank you for what I thought a brave prompt: Detonate

Let’s celebrate life, love, art!

#prayfortheworld #prayforhumanity #prayforpeace