Hello to you walking in the garden. What a nice day to take a walk, isn’t it? Please give my regards to the grass under your feet, to the birds singing above you, to the bench you’re sitting on, and to that crispy air of January. Better keep your sweater on, sir. It’s still quite chilly out there. By the way, love that bike!

Hello to you with coffee in your hand. My oh my, the pile is high, my friend. My sympathy to you. Looks like you need that cup of bliss. Have you been having enough rest? Don’t forget to go home. Your loved ones miss you. And don’t forget to smile to them, bro. Oh, and nice coffee. Can smell it from out here. Arabica isn’t it?

Hello to you up there. It’s been so rare to see you lately. Something must be in the way for us to see you. Is it lonely there? What a burden it must be to carry on your shoulders. Oh forgive me, I mean what an honor it must be. All I know is that I miss you. Life has been pretty dark down here lately. Shall we dance? Yes, of course under you. So light us please. Stay wild!

Hello to you, growling one. Look at you, how cute! Awww, and you know it too, don’t you? Catch! Oh, that is smart. Yeah? Again? Okay. Catch! That a boy! Now give me a five!

Hello to you, tall ones. Nice shade you’re giving me. Feel that fresh air, thanks to you. I can feel all my senses are alive! Can’t help to feel at awe standing small underneath you. This is indeed a very humbling experience. So sorry we haven’t been giving you enough appreciation that you deserve. Instead, we’ve been taking advantage of you. How wrong have we been!

And hello.
Hello to you whom I really want to say hello actually. It’s been a while since I last heard your voice. What have you been up to? What I would do to hear your stories again, to be in your company. Has the world drowned you again? Life may beat you upside down again and you may fall, but prevail, my dear. Stay with me and I’ll stay with you. In there. Yes, inside you. You got it. I’ll be — where you need me.



**This writing has been inspired by a writing prompt about hello. The instruction was simple. Write a story or a poem that starts with “hello.” Got it!**


Image is credited to xMegalopolisx, from Deviantart.com

She will feel nothing
Emotions will evaporate
No longer a burden on her being

She will care for no words
Words will lose its way
No longer have the power to hurt

She will shed no more tears
Empty eyes, left to decay
But free from fears

Her journey will cease
And she reaches the end
It is then when she discovers peace

It is then when…
she starts…

The Night Dance

She asked me once,

Have you ever met emptiness? Did you talk to it? What does it look like? How does it make you feel?
Have you ever looked at loneliness in the eyes? Stared through those eyes? What do you see behind them?
Have you ever cried so hard ’til your chest hurts, but at the same time,
You knew there’s no point in crying?

Why so, I asked back,
And she answered,

Because the world is not curious about you
Why should the world bother?
Only loneliness listens
In a devoted way
And quietly

Then she turns and walks away,


So life continues
Night then turns to dawn
And soon, comes the night again
Over time, she learns the steps by heart
And she dances her part humbly so, with grace

To Love a Shadow

one day she ask, how to love
a shadow?
why you ask, I say
but she answer none

so then I offer these words,

don’t love a shadow
but find the light
the only one that could pull the shadow out from his cocoon
the one that dances with him, anytime
under the night canopy

don’t love a shadow
but find its master
the one with a face and eyes

stare into those eyes
shine light on them
find what you’re looking for
and if you find it
then you can love the shadow

why the question, I ask again,

because on some days
shadow is the only one I have, said she



Image taken from montendo.deviantart.com berjudul Analogi Sebuah Pohon
kecongkakan dan kebodohan
kadang kala terpisah tipis
tingginya hati terbang lepas di angkasa
tak sebanding dengan
kemampuan berpikir
yang sedangkal kolam ikankuingin bertanya pada dunia
mampukah manusia terus berjalan
di tengah derasnya arus harta duniawi?
mampukah manusia menerjang kabut kehampaan
yang semakin tebal setiap detik
dengan gencarnya janji-janji omong kosong?
mampukan manusia
melawan ketakutannya sendiri?

peganganmu apa,
pijakanmu mana,
wahai makhluk lugu?
tidakkah kalian sadar kalau kaki kalian
sudah lama tidak menyentuh bumi?
tapi percuma,
pijakanmu sudah lama hangus
terbakar oleh tanganmu sendiri

tidakkah kalian sadar
kalau pintu menuju ke hatimu sudah lama terkunci?

mungkin bila kalian mau membuka mata
ada secercah sinar yang sudah lama ingin masuk
melalui celah kecil di pintumu
tahukah kalian bahwa matahari sedang bersinar di luar
tapi ia tak akan bisa masuk
sebelum kau sodorkan tanganmu
berikan ia kesempatan
karena hanya beliaulah sang penawar racun,
racun yang sudah lama merantau di sukmamu

Originally published in June 2016.



Image titled “Truth” by ahermin, taken from DeviantArt.com
I thought when someday I face “truth”
it will relieve me
free is then what I’ll feel
my body becomes lighter
and peace,
is what follows behind truth
I felt none of those above when
truth finally knocking at the door,
and neither did I feel anger
or sadness
it was more like a drained well,
a nothingness


Worse, I realize now that
we’ve actually met before
more than once
only I refused to see it
because in order to survive
I had to ignore it

Back then
I chose to carry hope,
and burned


Originally published in July 2016.

What is to Forget?


Image is titled “Remind.her to remember” by sophiaazhou from DeviantArt.com

I responded to a writing prompt. It asked me to write two lists. The first list is about things that I want to forget. The second one is about things that I want to remember. Guess what, the results came back almost the same.

In order to get rid of memories involving people and situations that I want to forget, I would run the risk of deleting the same people and possibly situations that I want to keep in my memory too.

Why are we humans so complicated? We create this complicated wants, needs, hates, dislikes on our own. We continue to push ourselves to get something that we want, to chase something in order to feel happy, belonged, loved, but then let them go once we get tired of them. Therefore, we continuously create a dual-impact in every single person and situation that we come across. We love a person, then we hate that person. We need a person, then we push that person away. We strive to be part of a group, later we quit. We find ourselves in a bad situation, but then we learn from it and become a better person. We let go a person, then we desire that person again. We make a decision to move to another place, then we miss it. And so on. It’s a dance of life that we make into a perfection as we move along in life.

Why does it have to be a double perspective to every single thing that we go through? Why can it be much simpler. I hate complication, but I always find myself getting caught in one. Is there a lesson in all of these messes?


Image is titled “Remember Me Too” by laughsofgreed from DeviantArt.com


(a poem)

what does it mean to forget?
for a person who has seen the secret beauties of this world,
who knows how a rainbow frames the sky with its colors,
or that trees would wear their best autumn dress and
dancing until no more leaves are left on their naked limbs,
or when the sky sprinkles its first snow
coloring the ground in shiny white,
oh and what about the magnificent sunset,
the view that we tirelessly waited
day after day,
how can a person forget all of those?

when we no longer have what we used to have
shall we forget them then?
when we no longer want what we used to chase
shall we forget them too?
is it the same as letting go?
and will it always involve a goodbye?
how painful it must be then to let go
the more your heart insists to toss ’em,
the more it aches and
the more your mind frantically grabs to hold on,
it haunts you even in your waking dreams
like a nightmare, but a never ending one

but do you ever wonder why it’s so
damn hard to forget?

have you ever laughed so hard
that you happily wipe tears from your eyes?
have you ever excitedly anticipating something so delightful that you want to shout your joy to the world?
do you remember those…
see, before there was pain, joy was there
before there was yearning, excitement was there
before there was loathing, love was there
hurt and happiness,
they come from one root

what then?
what should a person do?
begging the heart to stop?
force hope out of the head?
it is hope’s fault, you convince yourself
just make it die please, you whimper in your sleep
you’re so desperate for anything
any prescription that can
stop what you no longer want–
stop what was once desired
and would die for

my dear, you’re asking wrong questions,
you can’t stop the wheel that is already
in motion since the day you took your first breath,
you can’t throw what is already a part of you,
you can’t cut a thread
that is binding you to the memory,
have you ever wondered
you are not supposed to forget?
you’re not allowed to pick what to forget
because that is the universe’s job,
not yours

your task is,
to learn to accept, that
to forget means to continue to remember,
and to deny it means to live in pain,
the past is a gift, a blessing,
so remember them,
accept them,