petite delight angels your light is magnificent like bedtime story wrapped in lullaby but inside the glass cage of countless days imprisoned freedom then perished, broken over time wings start to fall, consumed and pain is beyond mended no longer a bewitching dancing lights the soul at last conclude that time has been suspended old…


her one relished joy swirling in unrestrained burst as she sprinkles grace broken hearts dropped on side road twilight seized the street and town Eugis’s Weekly Prompt – Swirling


between past and present moving along shadows in between moon and stars there was a thin line where they stood across from each other, him and her staring, and despite everything she’d tried everything she’d dare to imagine she knew better never cross that line!

How Opening My Chakras has Changed Me

  It was a lazy Saturday afternoon after giving a talk in a seminar earlier that day for over two hours and my body felt like crashing when a notification showed up on my cell phone, telling me that I had a message on my Instagram account. I dismissed it as just another click of…

One Fighting Spirit

no wind, rain or sun can kill the lonely spirit inside, chasing ghost Originally posted on December 2014 in