Order Does Exist within Chaos

Chaos, messy, isn’t that part of life? Who never experienced chaos before?

Well, I am in the middle of a change right now, trying to send chaos away, packing it in a suit case, and hopefully chaos never returns again. But perhaps chaos may come back in a different form in the future. Who knows. But at this moment, I’m ready to send one away.

Days that I hope will be more in an order will start in a month. A life with a full time teaching position will soon be in the past for me. Still teaching, but possibly in a different form, and definitely not full time. I’m not too worried about how I’m going to adjust, although I’m starting to feel the emotional aspect of going through another phase of change and adaptation. Life is about learning and learning is a life-long process. And therefore, I would think the same goes with teaching. I can still teach, but in a different way. Teaching is a form of sharing, and so no doubt, I can still do it one way or another.

But for now, I am ready to let go one type of chaos out of my life.




A view like this in my house always marks the ending of a semester. Each stack is from a class, so there is a total of 5 classes. All I can chant now, “I’m ready to let you go.”




The stack of chaos shown above occupies another desk. This time it is at my desk in the office. Same meaning with the previous stacks, it only means the end of a semester. “I’m ready to let go of you, chaos,” I said convincing myself.

Order does exist within chaos.


And this … this one, I swear to you, there is an order in the seemingly chaos depicted here. Imagine this is a stack of stones that are seen in many outdoor pictures. What kind of feeling do those pictures usually attempt to arouse?

Well, hell, there is an inner calmness definitely in that picture too. It’s obvious.

Unfortunately, I can’t claim ownership of the stack of inner calmness, because it’s not my creation. I can only claim ownership of the picture. This inner calmness, by the way, managed to stay strong like this for many days. Order does exist within chaos.



Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Order






When You Need a Holiday After a Holiday

Is it really a need?ย  Or is it a want?ย  Huh, that is the question.

Well, you can argue about it until you pass out, but if this what welcomes you back on your desk in the office, does it even matter?

The pile is screaming “Welcome back!” so silently that it deafens me. (Read that whole sentence with a sarcastic tone)

At times like this, I actually despise vacation or holiday. Why you might ask? Because it serves only as a teaser! It toys with your mind. It lets you think that life is fantastic, beautiful, relaxing, and so on, only to be thrown a bucket full of ice when it is over. And during that moment when you move from that vacation mode slowly to the vacation-is-over mode, is probably one of the most agonizing moments a person should ever go through. It can be brutal because in a miserable way your mind is trying to hold on to those wonderful feelings you had during the vacation mode, but the reality of everyday nags will just too quickly grab you by the feet and toss you upside down to remind you that IT IS OVER! The V is over! Done!

I know. I sound too harsh and melodramatic. And not to mention, a hypocrite, because the next time holiday is here, you bet I will look forward to it.

After all, I’m only a human.

So…Happy Back-to-Work Week, peeps! Smile, it’s not that bad. And if you need a company for your next vacation, just call. ๐Ÿ™‚

The essay above was originally published in January 2016 in another blog of mine.