On Childhood

Kids blowing off steam, brush aside sweat for more dares— precious time of life #2021picoftheweek – April 25 with the theme “Why Not?” RDP Saturday – Blow MMA Storytime’s Haiku a Day Challenge – Sweat #NaPoWriMo2021 – Day 24

On (for Song Lyric Sunday)

Jim Adams is giving us another interesting prompt this week for Song Lyric Sunday. The prompt is to come up with a song that has one word as its title. I’m making it more challenging by deciding to find the shortest word possible, the shorter the better, and so here is the song. As IContinue reading “On (for Song Lyric Sunday)”

In Their Own World (CBWC: Letter B or W)

Just random pictures of things that start with the letter B or W. Taking a short break from writing poems and just enjoying this sharing of old pictures. One day I may write a poem inspired by these pictures. Please check out Cee’s Black and White Challenge to see more awesome images. For this week,Continue reading “In Their Own World (CBWC: Letter B or W)”

Eyes, Nose, Lips – Song Lyric Sunday

Jim Adams organizes a weekly song challenge called Song Lyric Sunday where a theme prompt is offered every Sunday and bloggers can contribute by sharing their favorite song according to the theme. Today’s prompt is Anguish/Misery/Torment. Please click on the prompt to see entries of songs from other contributors. I’m offering something a bit different,Continue reading “Eyes, Nose, Lips – Song Lyric Sunday”

Random Thought

When you combine a passion in poetry and photography, do you let your writing pick the image or an image determine your writing? Which element usually speaks first? writing or image such inconsequential point inexplicable! Yes, I know. Just a random thought, attempting to dig a smile. Weekend Writing Prompt #199 – Element in 47Continue reading “Random Thought”

Musing Around for Bridges

Let’s talk about bridges today. I’ll start with the old, traditional one, where no cars are allowed, but perhaps cattle and horses are okay…. ….and then there’s the straight-forward one with a specific purpose. Or how about a modern one, the bottom view to be exact…. ….and this is the top view, although I stillContinue reading “Musing Around for Bridges”

Yellow in Art

Visit Jude’s blog and challenge at Life in Colour Photo Challenge 2021, Yellow in February. Also, this post is in response to Rag Tag Daily Prompt with Tuesday theme Art. All images in this post belong to the author of this blog, Erlyn Olivia.